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What does the label PNP, NPN?

At three-wire sensors with a DC power supply with PNP output is connected to the relay coil and the negative wire. For sensors with NPN output is connected to the relay coil and the positive wire.

What is the Time inductive sensor?

The Time inductive sensor KSO, KSL, KSR, KSF and KSFL are inductive sensors , containing additionally processing time components. The most common use is for indication - peace movement , sensing the movement of conveyor belts and automatic stop at break or overload indication speed, agency -delay or waste a lot of other diverse applications.

How does the installation affect of the function of the sensor?

Built-in sensors can be embedded into the metal to the level of the front surface, with not bulit-in type shall open coil in a plastic case kept out of metal.

What is the difference between connectors E, H and K?

Connector E is a 3-PIN diameter of 8 mm or 4 -PIN diameter of 12 mm.

Connector H has the same value like a E connector + built-in LED.

Connector K is 3-PIN or 4-PIN valve connector.

How does used material affect of the aperture the sensing range of the inductive sensor?

Switching distance depends on the material from which the diaphragm is made, in particular its conductivity and permeability. The biggest change aperture causes of structural steel.

The switching distances of different materials are compared with switching distances achieved with structural steel. This ratio is the correction factor and indicates the value drops to the switching distance for different materials, see table:

What does the label L, L3, L5 of inductive sensor?

Supplied sensors are provided with LED indication.

If there is a label L, it means, LED has a diameter 1.8 mm, with label L3 has LED diameter 3 mm and L5 has LED diameter 5 mm. In all these cases, the LED is positioned in the axis of the sensor cable.

If the sensor has not label L, L3, L5 it means, the LED is placed in the tag of the sensor.