Optical sensors are used to detect the presence of different objects.

 Detection of objects at long distances

 Sensing of moving objects

 Detection of the displacement of objects on the conveyor

 In combination with counter - counting objects

 Detection of the presence of the product in the correct position

 Checking the filling / emptying of the tank - the KS96 SR7049 sensor for loose materials can be used

 Selection based on size control

In addition to cylindrical versions with sizes from M12 to M30, made of metal and plastic, the company KOTLÍN senzory, s.r.o. offers a number of versions in cuboidal housings made of plastic, almost in all sizes, with various functions and performance parameters. In addition to conventional versions, such as optical sensors, reflective sensors and through-beam sensors, the optoelectronic programme of the company KOTLÍN senzory, s.r.o. includes a number of special functions and versions, e.g. closing time delay. (type KS96 SR7049).