Addressable ADR Sensor System

  • Provides maximum user comfort and versatile control, it is able to locate all kinds of defects that can occur in practice. Thanks to the error evaluation function, the system can help locate the fault quickly.
  • It is used in applications with a large distance between the sensor itself and the point of evaluation (tested at a distance of 1,000 m), where it offers considerable savings on expensive cable lines. A single cable is connected to 1 to 16 special KS99 C1-ADR-SLOW sensors that communicate with the central unit ADR99-v.4. Current sensor states are signaled on 16 current outputs. Process control is monitored from the central unit. The central unit monitors current sensor states, which are signaled on 16 current outputs.
  • It can be used wherever permanent sensor status monitoring is required, eg for protection of high-end devices. The sensors are continuously checked even when it is in idle state.